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When people come to your website, they are often finding out about you for the first time. The content you present them with will be their proverbial ‘first impression’ of your company. There is nothing better than a poorly crafted website to drive your would-be customer base next door to the competition. Typos, grammatical errors and missing information are all turn-offs to website visitors. They want the instant gratification of finding the information they need NOW – in one central location. If they can’t do that on your website, they will go to a website where they can – which means you’re losing out on any potential sales they may be taking with them.Is your website turning people away? Here is a quick checklist you can go through to grade your website to find out:
Are your “About Us”, “FAQs” and “Services Offered” pages up to date with all the correct information?
Are there grammatical errors and/or spelling mistakes in your website content?
Do you have lots of blank space or missing information in areas where information should be?
Are there any dead links on your website?
Is all of your business information easily accessed, such as the address, phone number, hours of operation (if applicable) and a contact person’s name and details?
Are the prices on your website up to date for the services you offer?This is just a very small list of ‘red flags’ that can make your website work against you when it is supposed to be working for you. Of course, the site might look good to you. You likely wrote it. But look at it from an impartial perspective, like a client seeing it for the first time. Is it just as good then? A professional writer can help you correct all these mistakes – and more – that are often overlooked by partial, untrained eyes. They can help you create a website that’s easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to follow – all of which will not only help to increase your traffic, but also help to increase the time visitors to your site remain on the site.When you invest in the services of a professional writer, you are also investing in your business. A writer that can cast your business and your brand in a flattering light by establishing you as an authority in your field is an invaluable tool that every business owner – large or small – should have in their arsenal.

Using Online Business Forums For Your Online Success – Business Information

If you have your own online home business you must know that information, ideas, website content and advice are some of the most valuable things you can get to help you in running your business day to day. That being said, you should consider the use of online marketing forums. These forums are underestimated in the amount of know how and great information sources given and received by new and experienced Internet marketers an entrepreneurs, not only that but the business connections and relationships you build could be a invaluable resource to your online business profits for years to come.Just think you will be able to get relevant advice and information from some of the most experienced internet marketers on the net, get your business related questions answered, and problems solved. You will find that users of online business forums can come from very different businesses and interest all making your participation a much more reward experience. You will want to get all the benefit you can from your forums to enhance and help make your own home online business as successful as you would like it to be. Here are some of the benefits of participating or using online forums. You can get valuable online business marketing information, and ideas to help your business prosper.- Find out what products, programs and services are currently available or popular.- Receive new and true method of marketing and promoting your business online that really work.- Learn where, what and how to get the best marketing tools and resources.- Get expert advice from experienced members on the marketing questions you can’t find answers to any where else…Receive solid advice and opinions on your own business ventures before you launch, to be able to make needed adjustments to help insure a positive outcome.You will also use the online business forums to gain quality online business connections with other online business owners just like yourself.- Eventually you will want to make joint venture partnerships with other Internet marketers in your field to help promote and market each others products or services. This move will enable your internet business to be viewed by a whole new customer base for more profits for you and your partner.- You will be able to give and receive feedback on how well each others marketing tools, promotions, products, services and websites are performing or can be improved for optimum business performance.-Become one of the first to hear of new products, services, and online home business trends because of you positive online forum presence and participation.You will also join an online forum to unobtrusively seek out new business.-The idea is definitely not to go to a forum to advertise or promote your product or services. This is basically not accepted at any forum, so don’t do it! What you want to do is by building a solid, honest and respected online forum reputation. You will be mildly surprised at the results that you can achieve from those Internet business owners in your particular field.- You can start building your positive online forum reputation by offering thoughtful participation and help to others using the forum that are in need of hawsers or advice. Be generous with your learned online business knowledge and experience. This is a good formula to your success.- Strive to become a leader or captain in the forum by encouraging other users to post comments on different subject matter by starting new and interesting subject questions or topic threads. By other users posting comments to your post you will keep your name in a position to be seen and noticed by all those using the forum.- One last thing of importance, always identify your post by including a signature. This is a subtle way to advertise or promote your online business, feel free to use a few links to your business website, let say your blog and opt-in page, this is usually OK to do at a forum, however it always wise to check before you do.Online business forums are a powerhouse of useful business information, networking and finding future online business prospects. You will indeed find the forum to be an excellent and useful resource. By becoming a solid and respected member of the forum, following all the rules & regulations of the forum. “you will be amazed at what you can do”!